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MS2001RAC20   Honey 20mm Shiny Crocodile Watch Band
LS2001RN12   Honey Brown 12mm Genuine Crocodile Ladies Watchband
LS2001RN14   Honey Brown 14mm Genuine Crocodile Ladies Watchband
LS2001RN15   Honey Brown 15mm Genuine Crocodile Ladies Watchband
1300   Hooker (3 in 1 Fastening Device)
QRS1086   Hope Chest Bead Sterling Silver
100863   Hope Chest Charm
101000   Horn of Plenty Charm
100384   Horse - Rear View Charm
101861   Horse and Colt Charm
108157   Horse and Rider Charm
QRS1199   Horse Bead Sterling Silver
100153   Horse Charm
100174   Horse Charm
100357   Horse Charm
100413   Horse Charm
105618   Horse Charm
100356   Horse Foal Charm
100173   Horse Head Charm
100303   Horse Head Charm
101501   Horse Head Outline Charm
QRS1931   Horse Racing Bead Charm Silver
100713   Horse w/ Rider Charm
100196   Horseshoe Charm
101358   Horseshoe Charm
105491   Horseshoe Charm
105318   Hot Air Balloon - Engravable
QRS339   Hot Air Balloon Bead Sterling Silver
108208   Hot Air Balloon Charm
108209   Hot Air Balloon Charm
QRS1857   Hot Dog Bead Sterling Silver
102267   Hot Dog Charm
103647   Hourglass Charm
100418   House (Flat) Charm
QRS343   House Bead Sterling Silver
100733   House Charm
100798   House Charm - Engravable
104698   House Charm - Engravable
106257   Houston Texas Charm
108316   Hula Dancer Charm
107900   Hummingbird Charm
BIS-CH290   Huskie Charm Sterling Silver
102275   Hypodermic Needle
104072   I am Yours, You are Mine - Engravable
106581   I Broke 100 Charm
106582   I Broke 90 Charm
106557   I Love Basketball Charm
104515   I Love U - Engravable
101976   I love You
104064   I Love You - Engravable
105617   I Love You - Engravable
100685   I Love You Charm
107794   I Love You Charm
102248   I Love You Keys
108305   I Love You More Than Yesterday - Engravable
101161   I Love You Spinner Charm
102749   I'll Never Stop Loving You Charm
104556   I.D.S. Center Minneapolis - Engravable
IRR320RB1   Ibiza Ride Rose Binary Watch
IR702RB1   Ibiza Ride Stainless/Black Binary Watch
IR702RB2   Ibiza Ride Stainless/Stainless Binary Watch
108141   Ice Cream Cone Charm
QRS1911   Ice Cream Cone Dangle Bead Silver
QRS346   Ice Skate Bead Sterling Silver
100938   Ice Skate Charm
103056   Ice Skate Charm
100607   Ice Skater Charm
101764   Ice Skater Charm
100521   Ice Skates Charm
100523   Ice Skates Charm
103695   Iceland - Engravable
103634   Ichthus
103616   Idaho - Engravable
104172   Idaho Potato Charm
106208   Iguana Charm
103300   Illinois - Engravable
100493   Indian Charm - Engravable
103130   Indiana - Engravable
103425   Infinity Charm
104765A   Initial A
100817A   Initial A Charm
105420A   Initial A Charm
104765B   Initial B
100817B   Initial B Charm
105420B   Initial B Charm
104765C   Initial C
100817C   Initial C Charm
105420C   Initial C Charm
104765D   Initial D
100817D   Initial D Charm
105420D   Initial D Charm
104765E   Initial E
100817E   Initial E Charm
105420E   Initial E Charm
104765F   Initial F
100817F   Initial F Charm
105420F   Initial F Charm
104765G   Initial G
100817G   Initial G Charm
105420G   Initial G Charm
104765H   Initial H
100817H   Initial H Charm
105420H   Initial H Charm
104765I   Initial I
100817I   Initial I Charm
105420I   Initial I Charm
104765J   Initial J
100817J   Initial J Charm
105420J   Initial J Charm
104765K   Initial K
100817K   Initial K Charm
105420K   Initial K Charm
104765L   Initial L
100817L   Initial L Charm
105420L   Initial L Charm
104765M   Initial M
100817M   Initial M Charm
105420M   Initial M Charm
104765N   Initial N
100817N   Initial N Charm
105420N   Initial N Charm
104765O   Initial O
100817O   Initial O Charm
105420O   Initial O Charm
104765P   Initial P
100817P   Initial P Charm
105420P   Initial P Charm
104765Q   Initial Q
100817Q   Initial Q Charm
105420Q   Initial Q Charm
104765R   Initial R
100817R   Initial R Charm
105420R   Initial R Charm
104765S   Initial S
100817S   Initial S Charm
105420S   Initial S Charm
104765T   Initial T
100817T   Initial T Charm
105420T   Initial T Charm
104765U   Initial U
100817U   Initial U Charm
105420U   Initial U Charm
104765V   Initial V
100817V   Initial V Charm
105420V   Initial V Charm
104765W   Initial W
100817W   Initial W Charm
105420W   Initial W Charm
104765X   Initial X
100817X   Initial X Charm
105420X   Initial X Charm
104765Y   Initial Y
100817Y   Initial Y Charm
105420Y   Initial Y Charm
104765Z   Initial Z
100817Z   Initial Z Charm
105420Z   Initial Z Charm
106578   Inline Skate - Engravable
106191   Inline Skate Charm
103149   Interfaith Charm
102644   Inukshuk Charm - Engravable
103419   Iowa - Engravable
103468   Ireland - Engravable
BIS-CH363   Irish Setter Charm Sterling Silver
108223   Irish Setter Dog Charm
100217   Iron Charm
101251   It's a Boy Charm
101252   It's a Girl Charm
101327   Italian Horn Charm
103726   Italian Horn Charm
105635   Italian Horn Charm
106044   Italian Horn Charm
107918   Italy - Engravable
104207   Jack in the Box Charm
103351   Jack Russell Terrier Charm
BIS-CH368   Jack Russell Terrier Charm Sterling Silver
103485   Jack-o-Lantern
107717   Jack-o-Lantern
QC3896   Jack-o-Lantern
103377   Jackson Hole
QRS3117   Jamaica Dichroic Glass Bead Sterling Silver
106368   Jamaica- Engravable
102734-1   January Baby Shoe Charm - Engravable
104764Jan   January Birthstone Charm
108350-1   January Birthstone Charm
103331   January Birthstone Charm- Engravable
108304   Japan Charm - Engravable
BIS-CH401   Japanese Chin Charm Sterling Silver
102456   Japanese Temple
101491   Japanese Tori Gate Charm
106213   Jeans Charm
108194   Jeep Charm
102746   Jefferson Memorial Charm
106432   Jet Ski Charm
105239   John Hancock Center Charm
101232   Jonah in the Whale Charm
108171   Juke Box Charm
102734-7   July Baby Shoe Charm - Engravable
104764Jul   July Birthstone Charm
108350-7   July Birthstone Charm

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