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Metal Expansion
  07mm or 9/32"
  08mm or 5/16"
  09mm or 11/32"
  10mm or 3/8"
  11mm or 7/16"
  12mm or 15/32"
  13mm or 1/2"
  14mm or 9/16"
  15mm or 19/32"
  16mm or 5/8"
  17mm or 21/32"
  18mm or 11/16"
  19mm or 3/4"
  20mm or 25/32"
  21mm or 13/16"
  22mm or 7/8"
  24mm or 15/16"

Measuring Guide for
Watchband Width
Measure your Watchband between
the watch lugs as shown below
Watchbands are measured in
Millimeters or fractions of an inch.
Most mens watchbands sizes are
between 16mm  - 24mm
Most womens watchbands sizes are
between 10mm  - 14mm
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